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Equity Release in Spain

We provide equity release solutions for Ex-pat homeowners in Spain.

Retain the use of the home you love while also obtaining a lump sum payment or increasing you source of income using the value of the house.

JJC Capital Partners are the first and only English speaking legal equity release professionals covering all of Spain.



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We work together with independent appraisal companies approved by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV (the Spanish Government Agency responsible for the financial regulation of the securities market in Spain)

All operations are documented in the Spanish land registry and are formulated in a public deed before a notary, thus guaranteeing your security and peace of mind.

Bare Property

Bare Property

Ownership passes to the investor and in return, the seller retains the legal right to live there for the duration of the agreement (generally the lifetime of the property seller).

Secured Business Loans


If you have an SL company in Spain, the legalities are slightly easier than for private secured loans and the costs are lower.

Annuity (Viager)

Annuity (Viager)

The owner sells the house and remains living in the property just like in bare ownership. They look at the monthly annuity as a pension payment.

Personal Secured Loans

  • Personal secured loans with ‘buy-back’ term: Loans over 50.000€ with a property valuation over 300.000€.
  • Personal secured loans – Short-term loans (usually 4-6 months): Loans under 50.000€.

Sale and Leaseback


The owner sells the house, just like the other two schemes, but for a higher initial payment. The seller agrees to pay a dramatically reduced rent to stay there, living in their house for life.

Real Estate


Thinking of buying or selling a Spanish property in Madrid, the Costa Blanca, Barcelona or the Costa Del Sol?  Buy through us, take advantage of our legal and tax departments for free.

General Disclaimer: The results are not guaranteed and that they may vary from person to person.

JJC Capital Partners Equity Release

Why Expats Are Using Us


No Language Barrier

There is no hard sell, just an informal chat.

You’ll be speaking to someone in your own language, we give you some general information and answer any questions you have.


Tailor-made Services

At JJC Capital Partners we look at your individual circumstances to create tailormade solutions just for you.

We will assist you every step of the way.

Equity Release Experts

You will be given a case management team. These professionals are experts in co-ordinating all the parties involved, banks, notaries, investors etc, to make the process as fast and as seamless as possible.

Legal Advice

We have our own, in- house, legal experts who provide conveyancing and notary services and legal and taxation advice.


Secure Operations

All of our operations are documented in the Spanish land registry and are formalised in a public deed before a notary, thus guaranteeing your security and peace of mind.

Free Quotes

All estimates and proposals are free of charge and our fees are only applicable and paid when, together at the Notary we complete on a deal which is perfect for you.

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Trust in JJC Capital Partners.

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