Your Care, Your Home, Your Choice

Your Care

Have you invested a lifetime of love and memories into your home and want to remain living in the place where you are most physically and emotionally comfortable?

If living independently in your own home has become a challenge the options may seem simple:

Move to a care home where you are looked after around the clock or stay in your own home and pay for daily help and home adaptations.

Easy to decide? Not really, as money is involved in both options and we do not all have access to the funds needed to keep us, or our family members living safely in their own homes.

This is where Equity Release may be able to help. Having access to some of the funds which are currently tied up in your property could enable you to finance domiciliary care in the home or make necessary adaptations to the house.

Your Home

If you would like to access funds to provide a regular income to pay for care costs, or money to finance property adaptations, releasing some of the equity in your property may be a welcome solution. If you own your own home in Spain are aged 65+, talk to us about options available to you.

JJC Capital Partners can offer friendly advice and talk to you in person about the best solution for you. You could receive a lump sum payment or increase your monthly income.

The money could be used to pay for care in the home, the comfort of knowing that someone will regularly visit you to help with medical care, daily chores and reassuringly provide a source of regular company and conversation.

You could use the money to adapt your home by installing a stair lift, ramps and handrails, showers and even a lift to suit your future living arrangement needs. We can also give you advise on your best option, should you need to move into residential care in the future.

Your Choice

JJC Capital Partners are the first Equity release company working with expats in Spain.

We speak your language and can explain a variety of options that are available to you depending on individual circumstances. If you are looking to release capital from your Spanish home, please contact us for more information.

We work together with independent appraisal companies approved by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV (the Spanish Government Agency responsible for the financial regulation of the securities market in Spain)

All operations are documented in the Spanish land registry and are formulated in a public deed before a notary, thus guaranteeing your security and peace of mind.

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