Equity Release delays. We’re, sorry.

Dear Equity Release client,

Here at JJC Capital partners, Madrid, we have to say sorry. 

We hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you experienced while dealing with us throughout the last number of months. 

It was important for you to get a quote and an offer of equity release promptly and the failure in many cases of us to achieve this was a frustration to us all. 

I know many of you are speaking to the Spanish high street banks and we hope you have already found some success there. To those who are sticking with JJC Capital partners, I’d like to say “Thank you” for your patience while we enlisted the help of several additional persons to help with our setup.

We don’t like to make excuses but the reality is we have been swamped with requests from both investors and ex-pat homeowners looking for equity release solutions in Spain. We simply didn’t have the number of quality team members available to give the service that our previous clients of all our sister companies receive. This is unfair to all concerned. 

To avoid such problems in the future, we are allowing more time for the Equity release process in Spain.

We tried too hard to fast-track a number of deals and the finance sector in Spain does not work like that. The salespeople dealing with the sale and lease back, equity release and annuity deals will receive special training during the next two weeks so they will be better prepared to serve all our customers.

We have enjoyed working very much with our ex-pat family and friends while getting them great deals here in Spain. Over the past 9 months when our service was below par, we were busy; we sold houses, bars, helped secure non-lucrative visas, organised Golden Visas, took care of probates, wills, land registry issues and much more. 

What we didn’t realise is how slow the process of releasing equity in Spain is becoming. We absolutely 100% believe that we are the best firm in Spain to deal with but that still doesn’t give us an excuse to drop our standards. Your comments online, on social media and directly to us by email regarding the service you received are very important to us. We want customers to enjoy dealing with JJC Capital partners. 

You deserve only the best service whether you are looking to invest in an equity release deal or to free up capital in your Spanish home. 

We are not going to pass the buck on this and we are taking responsibility for the inadequacy of our sales efforts. To help solve the problem, as well as engage with and train new sales teams, We will continue to offer discounted legal fees, notary service and conveyancing for buyers and sellers in order to move the process forward. 

Again, our sincere apologies.

We’ll do better.



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