Equity Release in Spain. We have the Dreams, but do we have the Means?

More home owners in Spain are investigating Equity Release to fund their dreams’.

Many retirees still have dreams and aspirations that they would like to accomplish within their lifetime. They see this as the time in their lives to finally take steps to achieving these goals and ambitions.

For many people, retirement is an exciting time when they have the freedom to explore the incredible experiences that life has to offer. These are not always money related.

Popular retirement ambitions include:

  • Foreign travel
  • Buying a new car
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Taking up a new sport or hobby for example golf, mountain climbing or sailing
  • Paying off their existing mortgage

Remaining curious about life and wanting to fully participate in the wide array of beautiful opportunities that life has to offer is healthy and promotes longevity. Nobody really wants age or circumstances to stop us doing what we want in life, do we?

However, it seems that often, the number one barrier in preventing us from achieving our dreams is money.

After paying the obligatory life-style bills to keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, not everyone has the extra cash to fund their life-style ambitions and pleasures.

Some of us have tried to organise our finances so that in retirement, when a professional salary may or may not be contributing to our income, we can rely on investments or savings to fund our lifestyle. But what can you do if money is short, if the M-word is meagre and if the barrier between our flight towards freedom and our stationary existence is not budging?

Why not consider releasing some of the equity in your property.

Don´t let age or money be a barrier. Retirement can represent the beginning of a new and exciting stage of your lives rather than the end of your flourishing youth!

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  1. Mr. Nicola Abbasciano.

    I have a property which I own a third and two of brothers own a third each. Can I get equity release on this property to buy their part.
    Kindest regards Mr.Nicola Abbasciano.
    P.S. this is an apartment in Spain.


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