Sale and Leaseback

With Sale and Leaseback you can:

Get the highest % of value for your home

With our Sale and Leaseback option clients can receive up to 75% of the value of their home and pay a reduced monthly rent.

This method suits certain clients who need that lump sum now, want to remain in their home, and are happy with a very manageable payment.

How It Works

Sale And Leaseback Operation

Become the Tenant of your Home

The current homeowner(s) sells the full ownership of the property for a percentage* of its current market value but has the option to rent it back and remain living there.

When the sale is formalized at the notary a lease contract with the new buyer is signed. The lease is then registered at the land registry, thus providing the new “tenants” with all the legal guarantees so that they can remain in the property. That’s why it’s called Sale and Leaseback operation.

*The percentage offered to you will be based upon several determining factors. Primarily, your age(s), the type of property you own and its location and the product you are choosing

General Disclaimer: The results are not guaranteed and they may vary from person to person.

Some of the Sale and Leaseback



Higher amount for the sale

The amount received for a sale and leaseback is higher than, for example, the lump sum received from the sale of the bare property.

Reduction in monthly expenses

The tenant will no longer assume certain expenses for the maintenance of the property, such as the ordinary community fees, the property tax, the extraordinary payments and the home insurance.

Release capital from your home

Enjoy your retirement without worrying, obtain a cash injection with which he can both get rid of your financial burdens.


Legal guarantees

All transactions are formalized before a public notary and registered at the Land Registry.

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