Using a Non-lucrative visa and Equity Release to obtain Spanish citizenship

British people living in Spain need to get their Visas, ASAP

The non-lucrative visa in Spain was introduced by the Spanish government to allow British people to successful continue to live here. British people, in particular, want to move to Spain, they always have but what about the ones who already live here? We don’t know how big this number is, but conservatively there are 100,000 British people living in Spain right now, who do not have their paperwork in order. Specifically, they do not have a visa to allow them to live here. Many pensioners think that is not a big problem, they don’t want to go back to the UK anyway.

What though, when they need to travel for a family wedding?
What happens when the bank notifies the relevant authorities that the foreigner is not living here without a visa?
What happens when the local police stop them to check their car documentation and realise they have no visa?

The town halls, the notaries, tax authorities, schools, health centres; in fact, everyone in a position of influence says the same: If you are living in Spain, you must have a visa.

Excuses like “we’ve lived here for 20 years” won’t help. Worse still, even if the local hospital realises that you have outstayed your legal welcome, they will soon be obliged to inform the relevant department.

You will literally be sent home. 

There are a number of good law offices in Spain who are dealing with the situation and visas are being given out. Some people did not get their Residencia for practical reasons; the COVID Iissue plus a load of misinformation since the Brexit vote resulted in tens of thousands of people in real danger of being deported from Spain.

Right now, without a visa, you can only stay in Spain for 90 days.

f you do not have the visa in place, you are likely to be sent home. The general consensus is that now, post-Brexit, the non-lucrative visa in Spain is the best option for foreigners who wish to remain here. Anyone telling you any different simply does not understand how the system works now in Spain.

There is a problem with the non-lucrative visa. The main applicant needs to have 2,259 euros or 400% of the IPREM in their bank account when they apply. Spanish immigration uses a calculation based on a system called IPREM. It stands for Indicador Público de Renta de Efectos Múltiples in Spanish.  Subsequent family members require 100% of the IPREM. This year, that amounts to 564,90 euro. It all boils down to this: basically, you need around 27,000 euros in your bank account to get a non-lucrative visa…

If your application is successful for an NLV in Spain, you must be a resident in the country and stay a minimum of 183 days a year in the country. That’s suits our pensioner clients, but what about the 27,000 euro?

Here is where Equity Release can come into play 

Rather than selling their property, clients who are not cash-rich, but do own a property in Spain, can talk to JJC Capital partners about releasing the equity in their home in order to get a non-lucrative visa. This is your cash, your nest egg, so you can do whatever you wish with it. However, if you work with our law office, they will guarantee you a visa to remain here for up to 1-5 years, plus then you’ll have the opportunity to become a full Spanish citizen.

Your income can still come from investments, stock and shares, rental property etc back in the UK, but you just can’t work in Spain. This type of residency permit allows all non-European citizens, especially retired people, to relocate to Spain for long term life. Again, just to be crystal clear, you will not be permitted to do any economic and professional duties in Spain. You will take advantage of everything else this fine country has to offer in retirement.

Getting a visa is not simple, as you’d expect. We have a good system here in Madrid with good contacts and we are processing many applications for our clients. You will not waste your money if you do not meet the criteria, however. The applicant must prove an ability to support himself/herself in Spain for at least one year without working.

After the initial year of residency in Spain, we will help our clients with the next stage; this visa is subsequently renewable for up to 5 years total. If all goes well, and clients want to have a permanent stay, we can help them to apply for a permit to become one of Spain’s hundreds of thousands of ex-pat permanent residence holders. More good news; The non-lucrative visa allows foreigners to bring family members here so long as they have enough money to sustain them.

What if you do not have the 27,000 euro?
It is as simple as this, currently, without a visa, you cannot live in Spain. This is not a golden visa. Unlike a golden visa, you do not need to make investments in the Spanish economy, just prove you are self-sufficient.

Getting a Non-lucrative visa in Spain is not an automatic process and we advise our clients to seek professional assistance. Not everyone is approved by the embassy.  We have clients who were accepted and with the help of a little equity release they are living the dream in Spain!

Requirements for the non-Lucrative visa

First and foremost, the residence authority in Spain requires all applicants to demonstrate that they have enough money to live and survive in the country and not become a drain on the state. This more than anything is the key requirement.

To be precise, our clients will need to show funds in excess of €27.115,2 (minimum) per year. An additional 6,768 euros is required every year for each additional family member to qualify for the Spanish non-lucrative visa.

Equity in your Spanish home does not count, unfortunately. JJC Capital Partners are the only firm in Spain offering equity release specifically to help our clients to get a non-lucrative visa. The amount of money can be in multiple bank accounts, less than 6 months old, but not in bricks and mortar.

Instead, of directly using the equity in your home as a guarantee, we are providing specific equity release solutions. We have one broker for example who works with us who is lending the money to our clients, using their homes as equity. He charges them a commission but gives the property owner the opportunity to buy the home back from them in a number of years.

These options are all good. We did a dozen or so usufruct/bare ownership deals for this exact requirement; as want to guarantee that our clients both have the cash to survive comfortably well into retirement and more immediately that they can get the visa approved as soon as possible.

Our clients all need to have private health insurance in Spain. The health insurance that our Non-Lucrative Visa client will need must be one year or longer and must be issued by an approved private insurance company operating in the Spanish territories.

How much does a non-lucrative visa application for Spain cost?

Each country has a different price but in the UK the cost is around 700 euro for the paperwork. That does not include any of the extras like translations, NIE numbers, conveyancing when you do your equity release etc.

Once we get your non-lucrative visa, stamped with your NIE number, you’ll be allowed three months to apply for the foreigners’ identification card. This TIE number is obtained by registering with the municipal authorities in your residential area- of course, we take care of that too. You will be required to submit yourself in person at a local police station, register your fingerprints, and receive your TIE.

We take care of everythingThe paperwork, the appointments in the embassy, the banking requirements, the medical cert, your police report etc. It is all vital and now we can help with the financial aspects too. Dont delay is our advice.


  1. Andy Lloyd

    Interesting , i have a friend who is Uk citizen and already been living in spain for some years without residencia and not paid income tax for a long time as she is not registered although her partner has and he has his residencia, she has not left the country for over 2 years as far as i know and has no covid vaccinations as well which also makes life difficult , can she apply for this scheme. She owns a house here with no debt

    • JJC Capital Partners

      Hello Andy,
      Thanks for contacting JJC Capital partners.

      I have a few questions, if that’s ok, to help me understand the situation.
      Your friend lives here and does not work? Good; that makes her eligible for a non-lucrative visa and Equity Release in Spain.
      Does she have an income of 2,700 pm from investments outside the UK?
      I assume not, assuming she has not paid tax.
      Does she know, she can’t suddenly start being tax compliant, without first establishing her legality?
      We need to do some work on this if I understand correctly.
      Is she having difficulties with getting registered at the medical centre, town hall etc?
      I assume she can’t get a vaccine, due to her status. What would happen if she became ill, either from the Covid or any illness really?
      I hope she has a plan in place.

      What about returning to the UK? Has she seen the stories in the local newspapers regarding the Spanish authorities sending people home from Alicante and Malaga airports? If she has a family situation (birth, wedding, death) back in the U.K. then presumably, she can’t go back and is aware of that?
      Equity Release means she will lose 100% ownership of her home in exchange for a large cash injection. It also means that we can apply for her Non-lucrative visa, ensure she has her rights in Spain, medical insurance etc. Do you think for your friend the benefits will outweigh any inconveniences of starting the process?
      We will take care of the majority of the operation, we will need to speak to her as a matter of medium to high urgency.

      Please get in touch, or better still, ask your friend if it’s ok for us to contact her edirectly.
      Best wishes,

  2. Lesley

    How do I obtain Spanish citizenship?

    I own my own home, have a TIE card,

    • JJC Capital Partners

      Dear Lesley, the best type of visa for you, assuming you wish to retire in Spain is a non lucrative visa. This visa is valid for one year. We will help with the process. You’ll get you TIE card and all the benefits that come with it within 90 days. After one year we will apply for a two year extension and assuming you’ve followed the rules, (not worked) you’ll generally be fine to extend it to ten years.

      At that stage you’ll be eligible for a Spanish passport. You must prove that you have circa 27,000 available in your bank account when you apply and that must increase to 54,000 within a year. Equity Release is the preferred method for our clients to achieve this. We have a number of experts who can talk you through the process.

      Should we arrange a free information call so that you are aware of the situation, potential costs etc? Have you read the potential repercussions for British people living here illegally? Here is a link to the blog post:

      Our advise is to act quickly. As soon as British people realise how difficult it is to get a legal visa, the process could really slow down.
      Kind regards.



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