Rights of the Equity Release Seller


Hello, I’m Kestas a Lithuanian/Irish agent living here on the beautiful Mediterranean coast in Spain.

We’re receiving a lot of question when it comes to equity release, the main question would be what are my rights.

If I decide to release equity on my property, the answer is very simple. You won’t lose your house. Our job is dependent on happy clients but also clients who are 100% fully protected.

As a property seller, you will still be living in your house until you pass away or decide you don’t want the property anymore. With the lump sum that you receive, you can improve your property, travel the world or just enjoy the latest chapter of your life in Spain.

Remember it is still your house, nobody is taking that away from you. Can you imagine if we helped a client achieve Equity Release and then we allowed a bank or financial institution to take it away from them? Not only is our business ruined, we could not live with ourselves.

I am based in the Valencia area and I will personally call your home to discuss any and all options with you before you even think of making a decision. We also believe it is a good idea to speak to your family and heirs. It perhaps is something they are thinking, that after your day, they will inherit a property in Spain. We need to be clear to them of the inheritance tax savings but also the down sides to them. Most family members just want what is best for their parents or grandparents.

Most of our investors are very understanding of our property owners situation. For example, if you decide to move away, relocate to a retirement home for a short sojourn, or you decide to drive across Route 66 for half a year, with arrangement and agreement with the investor, you can rent a property for that period of time. Everything is negotiable.

If you have more questions or need some more details about equity release, please contact us at JJC Capital Partners.  We are here to help you to make the best decision for you and for your heirs.

Thank you!


  1. John Taylor

    What documentation is required for an equity release loan? I.E Certificate of habitation. Certificate of electric supply ect.

    • JJC Capital Partners

      Dear John, we will send you an email detailing all the documentation you need. Thank you very much for contacting us.


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