USP of JJC Capital Partners

Why are we different when it comes to Equity Release in Spain? 

JJC Capital partners is a Madrid based private lender and investor.

That does not even go close to explaining who we are. 

JJC is the result of the experience of our operational managers, who have worked at the highest possible level in finance, banking and Spanish property.  

What we provide

First, we are all English speaking. We translate our Spanish documents into a language you understand and talk you through every clause and sentence. 

We buy your problems

Especially if your problem is a lack of cash flow. 

We do more, however; JJC buys your property, joint ownership, your inheritance rights, usufruct or debt, freeing you up from the problem.

We offer discretion, in fact, many of the deals done, absolutely nobody, not the neighbours nor nosey friends ever need to know that there has been a change of ownership.

We give speed to the transactions, from the valuation of your home to the closing and payment. Please note, speed is dependent on the owner accepting our terms and conditions. We know the sector and we know what works for our ex-pat clients.

Joint ownership?

We can buy this problem too. Imagine you have a Spanish inheritance, and the various owners cannot agree on what to do with the asset. Maybe you should consider the possibility of selling your share of the inheritance thus freeing you from the problems caused by this situation.

Messy divorce?

Why put yourself through an uncomfortable situation if you can’t decide how to dispose of your property? You can consider the possibility of selling your joint ownership. We undertake to offer you the very best offer on the Spanish market for your joint ownership inheritance.

We love to buy simple deals, but we know that life is not simple

Unlike the Spanish banks, we are comfortable speaking to you about buying your problem property even Spanish homes:

  • With or Without tenants.
  • With or Without tenants in arrears.
  • With or Without embargoes.
  • With or Without debts.
  • With or Without usufructuaries.
  • With or Without squatters.
  • Businesses
  • Business premises with all the above characteristics.

Some of our clients have lost a parent or partner and inherited their Spanish home. What if you are unable to bear the numerous expenses involved in the acceptance of the inheritance? JJC will help by finding you an investor to take the problem off your hands.

Where we operate

Most financial institutions and equity release providers in Spain only concentrate on the highly populated areas. We look at all areas and provide equity release solutions all over Spain:

  • Rustic land
  • Costa Blanca
  • Costa Del sol.
  • Valencia region
  • Canary Islands
  • Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante and all large cities.
  • Balearic Islands

We are here to help you anytime

Our legal advice and care are often included for free in our deals. We need to ensure that there will be no comeback for our sellers or buyers, investors and clients so we check, then double-check the legalities of every deal. 

This is another solid guarantee for your, our future client. 

If you have a cash flow problem, you should talk to JJC

We are here to help! 

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