Stunning villa for sale in the countryside of Campoverde

The Property

Stunning villa for sale in the countryside of Campoverde, yet only a short drive to the beautiful beaches of the Mar Menor, Spain.

This is an investment property and therefore not available for immediate occupancy.

The estimated maturity of the deal is seven years. At that time, the investor will be in a position to move into the home. Alternatively, they can sell the property for a large estimated profit; rent is for up to 1,300 pm; or rent it for 1,000 per week if they go down the route of short term summer rentals.

The market value of the property now in 2021 before the estimated boom in prices in Spain is 400,000 and it can be purchased today for just 240,000 euro.

The Area

Campoverde, or  El Pinar de Campoverde as it is officially known, is a small village near the Spanish town of Pilar de la Horadada and just 35 minutes drive to the international airport of Corvera, Murcia.

The town is set on a wooded hillside at the foot of the Sierra de Escalona mountains. The walks and trails this geography create are legendary and hundreds of hikers, cyclists and families take advantage every weekend. The most famous hike is 10 km in distance and takes walkers all the way into Pilar de la Horadada. The walkway goes through the spectacular gorge, which has been carved by the seasonal rain waters running through the yellow sandstone.

Its elevated situation provides good views of the Mediterranean Sea as far as La Manga in the Mar Menor. The population of 3,000 residents is made up of many nationalities, not just Spanish people. Large numbers of northern Europeans and British mingle to make this a very friendly region with bars and restaurants occupying many of the strategic and scenic corners.

The Operation

The current owners wish to spend the rest of their days in their beautiful Spanish villa. So determined are they to have it exactly as they wish, they added a pool, awnings, additional tiling, outdoor entertainment area and a high standard of furniture. The property is of a show house standard. What a guarantee this is for the investor, the current owners will make the perfect “tenants”.

The property is a perfect investment for a number of potential buyers.

Are you thinking of retiring in Spain in ten years or so? What will a property like this cost then? If appreciation is in the region of 2%, you can easily pay 500,000 for this villa then. Why not pay for it now, get a 50% discount and when you are ready to move, the home is ready for you?

What about an investor just looking for a rental property, without the hassle of tenants! Sounds impossible? Not in this deal. You can buy it but rather than get a rental return, that money is reflected in the purchase price.

Do you, like us, think that the prices of Spanish property will go through the roof once the Covid situation become clearer? You can hardly go wrong with a deal liek this one.

We advise our investors to always talk to a legal professional before getting involved. JJC Capital Partners offer more equity release deals than any other company in Spain. If you’d like us to help you build a portfolio of investment property, we are very happy to do so. Let’s talk more.

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